sunday update

I slept in this morning and hit up confital for a 4 hour session in the afternoon. Not much of a crowd because of the onshores but the wave is very good, hollow with some good air bowls.
It should be a fun contest this week for sure. Many of the pros were out practicing at confital. Andre Botha is in town and he went and surfed very heavy fronton at high tide as it was maxing out and onshore. Andre the crazy guy he is took some huge slabbing waves for the delight of the crowd on the cliff.

saturday is chill day

The waves dropped off a lot from yesterday it was only 1-2 ft today. I watched the canary bodyboard national tour contest and saw some good rding from the locals. I went for a quick grovel with david hubbard and ariel jiminez in between heats and then went and watched fronton with 30 guys fighting it out over 1-2 foot peaks. enjoying some spainish soccer on TV at the moment and will hit up the waves again tomorrow as it is supposed to come up solid again.

fronton fun

The surf was good fun at fronton today all the pros were out me GT, BP,RH, MR, AB,AL, UV and PLC.
It was not perfect but some heavy waves coming through. 4-8 foot from the north with mostly lefts. GT had one 10 footer where he dove from the top with a heavy wipeout from the current IBA world tour #1. All in all a fun time was had by all. Tommorrow should be decent again and I will report back with all the details. Asta manyana

on the scene

While the rest of my country men celebrated Thanksgiving , I was on the road and thankful to make it to my destination safely with all my gear.
I woke up after a 10 hour sleep recharged and ready to go, I am staying with my friend Richard Diaz and we are going to hit up Fronton this afternoon. Fronton is a sick bodyboard wave, one of the best in the world, so I am excited to be in the canarys with a good swell outlook.

Ted Trimmer Photos Part 4

While I am on the road traveling I sadly won't be able to post pictures for awhile, so I thought I would gorge your senses with an extra sweet does of Teds Pictures, enjoy.

Canary's bound

I am enroute to the Canary islands. It is the last event on the IBA world tour and is at the break Confital from December 1-6th. It is a great wave and has sick potential, the charts are looking good and I hope we score some long right barrels for the contest.
You can check the site or as well for all the updates.
I will be updating my blog every day as well so you can check here for the latest report from the Canary Islands.
I left on Tuesday night from honolulu and am currently in dallas next stop london than madrid than and then I finally arrive in the Canary's Thursday evening so it is a long mission to get there from Hawaii, but with heavy reef slabs and solid swells it is well worth it.

North shore tuesday

I drove up north again today and hit up back door and off the wall insanities area.
It was fun but not a lot of swell and with the triple crown in town there sure were a lot of photographers on the beach.

East side

I went out to the the east side today and checked out Makaupu'u and paddled out at Sandy Beach . The wind swell was up and some waves were crushing at the shore break. There were some usual body whoppers as well as a a few roll ins from the outside. I got a great work out paddling against the current at half point as well.

Dk Session

I hit up the north shore mid morning to find that the surf had dropped off and had a Sunday crowd on to it but still some fun little waves though. So I took out my DK board to try and get some turns in on the soft shoulders and avoid the crowds. It was a good call and I was able to have a blast just catching whatever came my way.

Stormy Saturday

With most of Hawaii under a flash flood advisory, and the winds clocking from all directions under a cloudy dark sky the surf went from bad to good on the north shore. With hideous conditions in the morning hours gave way to stellar perfect strong south east east winds which is direct offshore in the afternoon and with a 3-4 foot north west swell hitting the reefs it turned out to be a nice day in Hawaii after all.

Ted Trimmer Photos part 3

Another small day of surf around the island. Instead of another sandy beach photo I thought a few more artistic and interesting photos from Ted would be better for your enjoyment.

North swell north shore

I drove up to the north shore this afternoon to get some waves.
I was greeted by some very clean conditions and a small north swell.
It turned out to be was a nice little afternoon as after I surfed I came back to town and enjoyed a feast based around Spencer Skippers infamous guacamole made from his fathers big island avocado trees.

Morey Outer Banks pro

I just heard from Morey team manager/rider that the Morey OBX pro was a cool success.
With icy cold windy surf on tap for the die hard bodyboarders to battle it out. Last years winner Chris Monroe placed second to new winner Dan Worley. Morey and Kitty Hawk sports hooked up the contest with tons of sick prizes and looks like the OBX shop to get all the new BZ and Morey, Churchill bodyboard gear.

Helicopter love

I watched Spencer Skipper take a few rides in this whirly bird today while I surfed out at half point this morning.
As part of his lifeguard training he got to jump out of the bird in to the middle of the ocean and swing around in a basket underneath it as well. Very fun stuff.

Ted Trimmer Photographs Part 2

With small windy rainy surf in Hawaii today I thought it would be perfect for another round of images from Ted.

Hit up the south east side yesterday for a few waves. It was small and clean but fun enough to work up a solid hunger for an Aunite Pastas Dinner. I went with Skip and Heather and I enjoyed a nice Italian feast of homemade lasagna to power me through the next week.

Ted Trimmer Photographs Part 1

My friend Ted Trimmer is an retired Hawaiian airlines pilot, avid bodyboarder and amateur photographer. Here is a few cool shots of his I wanted to share.

North Shore Saturday

The north shore still had some waves today with the direction a bit more north. But still clean 3-5 footers coming in at otw and backdoor.
Small kine Saturday crowd but a couple fun ones to be had.
Jonah Romero and Spencer Skipper were on it too.