Storming North Shore

The weather was crazy yesterday thunderstorms and lighting on the NS but that did not stop the surf.
The waves came up yesterday as predicted not so big but just big enough for some fun.
It was crowded with a slew of crew. Stew , haouli reeves made his skills known at pipe again with some great old school style.
Skipp, myself, Nelz, Benco, Shasha Speckler all were waiting for the their turn out at pipe.
Looks good today as well for the last session of 2008 so i must get on it.
Have a safe and happy new year.

Forecast looking good finally

It looks like the horrible swell pattern that has present for the last three weeks is changing. A series of west swells look to bearing down on the islands starting today and persisting for a few weeks. Looking forward to the surf. I tore my rail off at half point yesterday when I hit a sharp rock at high speed so I will be having to use my brand new board which I have been saving some time soon.

Game day

Yesterday was another chill holiday. No waves up north yet so I went to Sandys after watching my favorite football team the Dolphins win a crucial game vs the Jets to make the Playoffs and win their division. To make things better it looks like some fun west swells are coming this next week which will also be very nice.

Holiday Cheer

We had a great last few days of holiday cheer.
Christmas eve Heather and I went to church and then dinner at Ruth Chris steak house where I highly recommend the cowboy ribeye. We had a nice day at home opening gifts and speaking with friends and then had a festive Christmas dinner at our house with a few friends. The surf has been kinda small and windy so I have hit up a few movie dates with the wife. A 12 hour island wide black out happened last night and luckily I was at home with Heather so it was actually a pleasant experience where as some people were in traffic jams and in elevators for hours yuck.

Merry Chirstmas

I hope every one has a wonderful Christmas where every you are.
Santa came early to Hawaii and was treated to a nice 3-4 foot day at Pipe and Back door. I surfed for 5 hours and had a great time surfing some real waves for a change.
Hope every one else gets what they want for Christmas.
Mele Kalikimaka

Holiday fun

I have been busy preparing for Christmas.
Luckily there has been a shortage of waves. so it has allowed me to make post office runs, find time to wrap gifts, and go Christmas shopping, as well as even prepare some recipes for Christmas dinner.
It will be a great Christmas, and hopefully Santa will bring us all some waves like the one in this photo by Danny Black, very soon.

Good Times

Sunday was a beautiful day in Hawaii with small surf. I went east and then ended up at the dukes barefoot bar for sunset fun times with Heather, Skip, Nelz, Kamala and friends.

Boat Parade

Small waves continue to plague Hawaii.
Though I was able to watch the Hawaii Kai Christmas Boat parade last night with my wife and some friends, and it was pretty festive and cool.

The Hubbard Christmas Tree

Since another day surfing sandy beach in December is so boring, I thought I would share a few photos of the the Christmas tree my wife and I put up in our house. No it is not your traditional tree but very fitting and beautiful none the less. The best part is that it puts you right back in the Christmas spirit even when you have to go out and battle the masses for gifts and parking. Happy Holidays :)

Ground hog day

Today was pretty similar to yesterday. I surfed half point in the morning, saw Stewart out again, he is heading to Kauai for a Fire premier tomorrow.
Then I hit up Bikram Yoga in the afternoon with Skip and Nelz. Nelz said north shore was almost head high at some locations.

Small surf forcast for the holidays

Today I hit up sandy beach half point for the 3rd day in a row. Small but rideable little waves with no crowd made it interesting.
Waves have been to small to be worth a drive up north shore and the long term forecast shows this pattern is here for the next few weeks. I am not to phased by it though. As the winter waves will come again. I am just going to keep busy with the holiday cheer, Bikram Yoga and quick surf sessions so I will be ready when the waves finally make an arrive again.

Make over

I got a hair cut the other day and shaved the goatee off. It feels very nice not having all that hair in my face when I surf and having stuff get caught in my goatee. :) Though I do miss the coverage I got from the hair when out in the sun, but I guess that is why I have a sunscreen sponsor.

Boat @ Bowls part 2

Here are some more photos from Ted of the sailboat rescue at bowls and where the ship currently resides. I guess it got pushed all the way in from the wind swell and high tides. This might help salvage efforts and make it less hazardous.

Canarys Photos Part 3

Here's some of the people, places and faces seen in the Canarys.

Boat @ Bowls

With all the stormy weather we have had in the islands recently it does not surprise me when you see images like this result.
Strong Waves and wind should mean that you keep your sail boat in the harbor, not dry dock it on the reef. It will be awhile before this mess gets fixed, bummer for all the surfers at Ala Moana bowls where this boat is wrecked now.
Image courtesy of Ted Trimmer