I hit up Sandy's again this morning. Here was the view from my car.
Driving and taking photos at the same time are not the best idea so don't try this at home. :)

Blast from the past

I went down to half point this afternoon, saw Jacob Romero killing it getting ready for the USBA championships at salt creek next weekend. So I went out to join him, when halfway through the session I saw Pat Caldwell (the co inventor of the el rollo) paddle out. We spoke for awhile and he is back in Hawaii for an family gig and decided to check out his old stomping ground, sandy beach. Pat is still riding well with clean smooth style. A true legend of the sport and it was good to see him on the boogie having fun while in his fortys.

Went to Kaisers this afternoon for quick grovel session after doing some homework and working on the next issue of Bodyboarder mag earlier in the day. On the way home I stopped at Safeway to grab some food and saw they had one copy left of the current issue on the stands. It was nice to see they are selling so fast here in Hawaii.


Today the whole island of Oahu was saturated in a Volcanic haze like fog aka VOG. The surf was clean in the morning before the onshore sea breeze's came up. I surfed Pipe which was ok for a short while until the north swell totally took over. Last night I took my dogs for a walk around the block, well actually they took me as they made me run most of the way, I think they really liked getting out of the house.

Surfsling and Stuff

Got a little box of goodies from Brian and the crew at over at Surfsling. Washing the slings now so I can put them in to use. Went to North shore this morning. It was small but clean with some fun OTW sand bars.
On the way home I got caught in some crazy Wahiawa traffic. There is lots of road construction on the main road now so avoid it like the plague if at all possible.
I also stopped at Costco on the way home to fill up my thirsty car for $2.69 a gallon and enjoy a hot dog soda combo. Very Nice :)

Recession fun times

Since the world has been engulfed in a global recession.
Finding things to do at night with out spending lots of money can be tricky.
Playing board games like cranium with your friends is free and super fun as the games makes you do some funny things. Also watching a movie at home and bbq with the boys works too. I highly recommend tropic thunder for some great laughs. http://www.tropicthunder.com/
The best thing is that Actor/Director Ben Stiller is a bodyboarder. He rides a skip board and reads bodyboarder magazine.
Good support... and he even filmed tropic thunder on Kauai. My dad Showed him some of the best sites to film and up and coming BZ team rider David Philips was an extra and got to hang out with all the stars.

Rainy Day

Rainy day up on the north shore today. In fact the whole island is getting soaked.
Surfed some fun backdoor and pipe then went home to watch college football with the wife. A nice day after all :).

Quick Clip

Here's a short clip from the north shore that my friend snagged while sitting on the beach late in the evening. The first waves are me and were my last three waves of my day. The other riders were my friends Jacob V and Wesley L . Enjoy :)



Went by the sports authority in Honolulu today and saw that they carry a large selection of BZ boards including the Hubb 41 polypro-stringer and Hubb 41.5 dow-stringer models. Impressive selection for a sporting goods store in Hawaii.

My dog Knoxville had some stiches in his paw and now he has to wear this cone in order to prevent him from ripping in to them. Kinda of sad looking.

Old school

Check it out.
The line up at cost co gas station. It was well worth the 20 minute wait to score the $2.89 a gallon gas.
Also after a sandy beach session I was lucky enough to snap this quick shot of an old school bodyboarder with a cray old board with a huge skeg directly in the center of the bottom skin. Super retro and impressive to see the old guy still going for it at full point.

Whos older?

It is both my dog Knoxville's and my birthday today.
In between studying for my economics midterm and Knoxville's sleeping habits, we both found time to celebrate with a unreal cupcake :) Good times.

Surprise at Sandys

I woke up this morning and planned to go for a quick half point surf before I sat down to study all day for a my Economics 6000 mid term tomorrow. I arrived at the beach to see all sorts of action taking place in the parking lot, not uncommon at sandy beach but for 830 am it was not usual.
As I got my gear ready I noticed every one was focused on a young girl with a red bathing suit getting video taped and photographed in the showers. She seemed like a porn star/ stripper or something out of the ordinary so I took a photo from a distance for the blog, though with my I Phone I knew could not really do my viewers any justice. Luckily the young lady called out and offered to give an up close shot for the Jeff Hubb blog fans. The local crew that was watching was pretty impressed that I got the up close shots as some of the poses she struck you just can't post on the internet, well at least not for free. I guess it just goes to show you that you never really know what will happen when you wake up each day.

Outer Island Adventure

Skip Lounging Pool side resort style.

I Just returned from a quick weekend jaunt to an outer island with Spencer to try and score some of the south swell away from the hectic crowds of Oahu. The waves were not as good as we expected, but we still made the most of the trip by exploring this new islands scenic coastlines for hidden discovery's.

Sandy beach

When a small south swell is running on Oahu, I like to find myself at sandy beach, one of the birth places of bodyboarding. My favorite spot at sandys pictured here is half point. Sandy's is a crip little play ground for bodyboarders no matter what the conditions, God bless it.

Job Hazard

Today I went to see Dr. Hadley an ENT (Ear Nose Throat ) doctor. As my ear kept getting clogged in the water as I could not drain it. This caused me to have low hearing from my left ear and I felt like I was 80 years old. My ears were fine but the doctor did extract this peice of wax and other debris from my ear and now I can finally hear again. I guess this kind of stuff is what happens when your job is to surf every day :).


I returned home from the beach today and was very happy to see I had a present waiting for me at my door step. Two new Hubb Fundamental bodyboards. Both boards are exactly alike, they are like identical twins, it is the first time I have had two exact boards at the same time. The boards look sick, with very tight color combos (Black deck, Royal Blue inner rail, Black outer rail and graphic bottom) these boards look like they will fly.

Tahitian Vacation

Surf Photo Josh Humbert

At the start of October I was itching for a surf trip. As I had been surfing small waves and doing contests for the last 7 weeks and so I was in desperate need of some perfect waves and deep tubes. As luck would have it my sponsors Churchill fins and Ocean Current clothing were in serious need of some advertisement and product shots of me for their up coming season. The choice was easy, I booked a trip down to the French Polynesia to the island of Tahiti to chase a few south swells for the week. I am lucky enough to have a few great friends who live there (Michele and Poe) that I stay with when I go down there, so it is a pleasure to hangout with them and enjoy the true Polynesian lifestyle. Nick, Simon and Alex Omerod were also down in Tahiti with Liam O'Brian shooting photos for Bodyboarder magazine and video for 662 so I linked up with them every day to get my work done.
The waves were super fun the entire week as we had two decent swells about 4-6 ft with amazing conditions. I surfed Teahupoo and Tapuna twice a day and it was truely south pacific perfection. All in all It was a great opportunity to surf great waves get work done for my sponsors and visit with my friends. Not a bad life if I must say.

North shore day 2

With the swell still hanging in there at 3-5 ft and my turn to drive Skip and I ventured up north again.The skies overcast and rain was heavy, but with clean conditions we still found some fun barrels and ramps at pipe and backdoor today. The best part was that on the ride home I filed up my gas tank at costco for only $3.17 a gallon and that may have been the real score today.

Pipeline comes alive 10/13/08

This is my first Blog entry ever and I am kinda excited to get this thing rolling. Yesterday Pipeline was super fun 3-6 occasional bigger sets and super empty mostly all just local bodyboarders and perfect conditions light south east winds all day which means straight offshore :) I surfed for 8 hours on my first north shore day.I drove up with Skip in his at 630 am and made a day of it stayed till 6 pm. We hung out at the beach all day long. Skip got some sick pits and I had some huge ramps to mark a nice start to the early 2008 winter surf season on the north shore.
More to come --